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I can't see my data. What should I do?

There can be a more reasons why data seems to disapear.
First things to do:

  • 1. Check your current month and selected profile.
  • 2. Check account you are login with (e-mail and provider) in the header of the left menu
If data are really lost for some reason, there are posibilities to get them back.

If you are logged in.
Check settings screen for unsynced events.
Before any steps please check your internet connection.
In case on any unsynced just try to sign out and login again and check the events.
When all events are synced. Try to re-install the application, sign-in and wait to all data are loaded from the server.

In case you are not logged in (anonym account).
There are 2 options how to restore the data.
Just go to the settings screen on the left menu.
If you have a backup of your data you can restore them on this screen.
Another option is to restore the automatic backup, whitch is created once a day on start of the app.
This is just for emergency situations.

If any of steps above didn't work just use contact form below and send us a message with more description so we will be able to help you futher.

I am unable to login?

  • Check your internet connection
  • Check account e-mail and password or right external provider
  • Try to reset your password with "Forget password?" button / link.
In case of persisting issue contact us on email or with form below.

How to send a work report?

  • Just go to the month table screen
  • Tap on the green circle button with white plus sign to show actions
  • Find action "Send work report" and proceed.

How to transfer overtime to the next month?

  • Just go to the month table screen
  • Go to the month you want to transfer overtime to.
  • If you have any spare overtime to transfer from previous month
    you can see green button over the month table
  • Tap the green button and continue

I found a bug or requesting a feature. How to proceed?

In any case mentioned above you can use Feedback form in the app in the left menu,
use contact form bellow or send us an e-mail with more details.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

How to delete my account or erase my data?

You can find "Delete account" button in our iOS nad android application in left menu, section Account.
Other option is to send your request with form bellow or us e-mail


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