Projects and Real-time sync

As a part of this new update we present to you two new features which will give you a more in depth overview of your work and make it easier for you to check your own personal work records.

The new project section of the app is an organizational unit under which it is possible to classify individual records into sections. This includes some customizable settings under which it is possible to view key information such as deadlines and budgets. You can view the project as a whole in a simple format but there is also an option to view the project details and project stats. This section of the app is expected to be used when exporting a monthly statement, connecting to a customer, invoices and finances.

Real-time data synchronization
This is available for users that have subscribed to the premium version of the app. This new section of the app saves data for logged-in users to our cloud and synchronizes apps for users wherever they are logged in allowing for much greater accessibility over multiple devices. Keep track of your data at home and at work effortlessly.

What's new Features October 2nd, 2020
Let us introduce the Working Timer Blog

From today You can find there news about the application. What we plan to release soon, what is in progress right now or just ideas and tips & tricks.

What's new October 2nd, 2020